Welcome to Mercusys!

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For those of you who don’t know, Mercusys specializes in providing the essential devices that form the backbone of your connected life. A wide and steadily growing array of Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi adapters, repeaters, access points, and SOHO switches help you get the most out of your internet connection and turn your home or small office into a thriving epicenter of connectivity.

With their impressive and rapidly growing line of networking products, Mercusys is establishing a brand presence and taking its distribution network online in countries around the world in the hopes of connecting more people than ever before. The modern world is becoming more connected every day and strong, reliable internet access provides countless opportunities for entertainment, education, communication, and so much more. This access unlocks the unlimited potential that lives in our schools, our businesses, our families, and our communities. Mercusys is committed to developing the simplest, most intuitive, and most accessible products to get you online and help you get the most out of life.

Whether you are interested in streaming HD movies, intense online gaming, video chats with family, or quickly transferring large files between colleagues, Mercusys devices create the network that helps you live a richer, more productive life.

Switchcom Distribution is proud to announce their partnership with Mercusys.

Who is Switchcom Distribution? If you don’t know yet, you definitely NEED to read this!

Switchcom Distribution Super Distributor

I suppose you expect me to write things like Switchcom is a dynamic and innovative ICT company founded in 2015 with the aim of bringing South Africa leading wired and wireless solutions, and more.

Switchcom Distribution’s extensive product range includes wireless, fibre, surveillance, network cabling, solar solutions, networking equipment, installation materials, VoIP equipment, and more.

In fact, it would be deserving to say they sell service itself, as evidenced from the way they:

  • Offer emergency stock collections on Saturdays and Sundays, even over the Christmas to New Year period where distribution typically grinds to a halt.

  • Offer a boutique of finance options from the standard 30 days right up 120 days, thereby enabling their customers to have access to capital to bid for those ‘bigger’ deals that are typically outside of their financial reach.

  • Have super quick turnaround times on quote responses.

  • Are prepared to price match.

  • Go the extra mile to source anything not on their usual stock list to make it easy for a client to use them as a one-stop destination for procurement.

  • Provide technical assistance to customers in terms of advice, planning, even surveys and scoping sessions to ensure that their customers are able to provide end users with the right solutions, the first time around.

  • Incentivise customers to be able to offer them free delivery both locally and nationally.

It’s so refreshing to meet with a company who is clearly keen to work hard for their customers, to deliver maximum value in the relationship.  Their ethos is so simple in many ways, yet unmistakably wise, they aim to deliver the most they can to clients, not the least.

In the Switchcom spirit of constantly striving for change, they have recently acquired the distributorship for the entire African continent of the specialist antenna brand, .

If you’re struggling with interference on links or just need more throughput and stability, you need to look at the ALGcom range of specialised antennas.

Since 2003, ALGcom designs, manufactures and is dedicated to the innovation, research and development of antennas that operate in 1.5GHz, 2.2GHz, 2.5GHz, 3.7GHz, 4.8GHz, 5.8GHz, 6.1GHz,

6.8GHz, 7.8GHz and 11GHz. The Shielded Antennas and Ultra High-Performance Shielded Antennas eliminate interference in high noise floor environments. These antennas come equipped with a 3-year warranty and feature a 100% aluminium structure.

The ALGcom range does not only include antennas but also horn sectors, armored boxes and AC/DC UPSs all designed to fit every installation’s unique requirements. The range offers exceptionally low interference, higher vertical and horizontal coverage, stable connection with maximum throughput over short & long distances. The whole range is compatible with radios from leading manufacturers such as Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Cambium Networks, Mimosa, LigoWave, Randwin, Infinet and more.

Do yourself and your business the favour of contacting Switchcom Distribution today and visit the online store here.

Ubiquiti Networks FREE Complete ISP Management Platform

Ubiquiti UCRM Banner.png

What is UCRM?

UCRM from Ubiquiti Networks is a streamlined billing and customer management system with recurring invoicing, credit card processing and automated features such as suspension and CPE outage detection. Try the online demo or download it for free.

UCRM Features

  • Customer Database where to view Client Dashboard Including: Subscribed Services, Account Balances, Mapped Location, Activity logs, History of Client Notes, Documents and more.

  • Automated Billing System

  • Automatic Service Suspension where you can set rules to automatically suspend services due to late payment or contract expiration, etc.

  • Network Monitoring and Traffic Shaping

  • Scheduling & Ticketing to keep track of queries and requests

  • Client Portal for customers to access directly

  • Reporting

  • Plugins, API, Webhooks Integrations

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System*: Ubuntu 16.04+, Debian 8.4+

CPU: 64-bit (x64) processor

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Hard Disk: 16 GB available disk space

* Windows and macOS not supported, use VM instead. Official cloud solution is not yet provided. UCRM can be hosted on a cloud of your own with some limitations.

snom: An IP Phone For Every Business Role

Snom Desktop Phones Banner.png

If you’re a business owner using IP telephony, you’ve probably spent time customizing your solution  - whether it’s defining requirements or selecting your network and service provider. Oftentimes the final step is to choose your IP phone, a task that may come last but is certainly not least. Not all IP phones are the same, and selecting the right phone for specific roles in your business is key to getting the most out of your IP telephony solution.

Snom have identified 6 different types of business roles and outlined corresponding suggestions for IP phone functionality. Subtle differences between the Snom IP phones are both functional and design-related; each model comes with unique configuration possibilities that are optimal for specific work roles and environments. Keep in mind, however, that these are just suggestions; Snom IP phones are also versatile and well suited for many different scenarios!

The Sales Team

Sales IP phones are most likely to be integrated into your sales solution to achieve full benefits of unified communications. These phones should have large screen displays for viewing data clearly and a Gigabit Ethernet connection to support high data loads from these integrated apps. The sales team relies heavily on phones and call transfers, so their models should support connectivity of handsfree headsets and call transfer between team members in addition to features such as call waiting, voicemail, and caller importance recognition.

We Recommend:

The On-the-Go Employee

Highly mobile employees need a phone that can keep up -  and that can only mean one thing: wireless. A wireless IP phone is an IP phone with a built-in DECT transceiver unit that connects to an access point or base station. This type of phone allows mobile workers to move freely around your office while on a call.

We Recommend:

The Infrequent Phone User

Those who seldom use phones in daily work can still benefit from access to a USB IP phone. A soft phone installed onto the desktop or laptop computer allows users to complete phone calls. These IP phones plug directly to the computer using the USB port, and they work with soft phone applications such as Skype. Soft phones are great for road warriors and mobile professionals. They are simple, inexpensive and easy to use.

We Recommend:

The Conference Caller

IP conference phones are typically used in offices and conference rooms where multi-party phone calls take place, and are designed to provide good audio quality over a large area. They are also built to handle input from a distance and from multiple directions. The architecture of a conference phone is unique and should be selected based on room size and caller needs.

We Recommend:

The Receptionist or Office Manager

Receptionists and office managers are tasked with monitoring large numbers of incoming calls and managing them efficiently. They require phones that provide easy access to the company directory, and in many cases expansion modules to increase the available function keys. These roles also benefit from keys programmed for functions such as line, speed dial, busy lamp field and presence indication, as well as a high-resolution display to provide a visual interface that can be easily configured and labelled directly on the phone itself.

We Recommend:

The Management Team

The business executive or management team benefit from top-of-the-line, aesthetically pleasing phones that are both functional and sleek. High-resolution displays and access to online and staff monitoring tools are both valuable to the executive and should be considered priority when selecting the optimal phone for the leaders within your organization.

We Recommend:

If you are interested in purchasing Snom products in South Africa contact us now for a quote!

Additionally you can check out our store here and live chat with us here.

LigoWave 6GHz Generation Up for Preorder from Switchcom Distribution!

LigoWave 6GHz Header.jpg

LigoWave is adding brand-new devices to its arsenal of products. The newly-developed equipment is designed for wireless data transmission over 6GHz frequencies.

The 6GHz band provides more leg room for all types of wireless networks, allowing for minimally crowded channels, noise and interference as well as greater range and throughput.

There are two series receiving the 6GHz treatment, the first of which is RapidFire. This dedicated PTP line is designed for ISP/WISP infrastructure, backhaul, and industrial applications. The other product line is the DLB series. These reliable time-tested devices are dedicated to property surveillance and last-mile ISP/WISP infrastructure.

LigoPTP RapidFire - 6GHz Outdoor Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge

The LigoPTP RapidFire is a high-performance wireless bridge for long-distance heavy-duty point-to-point applications.

It delivers an outstanding 700Mbps with its powerful hardware platform that supports modulations of up to 256-QAM and 30dBm output power, making it the top performer even in dense and noisy environments.

The W-Jet proprietary protocol, engineered for capacity-demanding PTP scenarios, minimizes interference and stabilizes latency even with long-distance links.


Ultra High Performance Wireless Bridge

A 6GHz point-to-point system with exceptional performance that delivers 700+ Mbps throughput. The carrier grade design with a simple and friendly user interface makes RapidFire an ideal device for high capacity and performance demanding links.


Antenna Tilt Option

RapidFire can be rotated 45° to increase installation flexibility, which is extremely useful in noisy environments.

If you are interested in pre-ordering the LigoWave 6GHz generation of products in South Africa contact us now to place your back orders!

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Dahua Smart Retail Solution

The retail landscape is undergoing a dramatic transformation as big-name retailers teeter on the verge of the bankruptcy and department stores struggle with significant decreases in foot traffic and sales. As they look to save the industry, retailers are facing all sorts of challenges in security, loss prevention, and business efficiency, among other difficulties.

The Dahua Retail Solution Provides

Security & Loss Prevention
Combat shoplifting, internal theft, cashier fraud, and ensure a secure & safe shopping environment.

Business Intelligence
Reduce OPEX , increase store operating efficiency, and enhance profits by grasping the direct relationship between foot traffic data and transaction data.

Dahua Retail Solution Store Overview

Dahua Retail Solution Store Layout.png

Dahua Retail Solution System Structure

Dahua Retail Solution System Structure.png

Dahua Retail Solution System Technology

Dahua Retail Solution System Technology.png

Download Brochure

Browse all products used in the Dahua Smart Retail Solution here.
If you are interested in purchasing Dahua products in South Africa contact us now for a quote!
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ALGcom Ultra High Performance Antennas - Brand New & First in South Africa

ALGcom Logo_Small.png
ALGcom Group Antennas.jpg

Switchcom Distribution has taken on an exciting new addition to our product line up with the inclusion of ALGcom high performance antennas!

ALGcom designs, manufactures and is dedicated to the innovation, research and development of high performance antennas that eliminate interference.

ALGcom’s range of antennas will be a first in South Africa offering low interference, higher vertical and horizontal coverage, stable connection with max throughput over short & long distances and all ALGcom antennas are made with 100% aluminium.

Comparison between the ALGcom PS-5800-29-06-DP and the Ubiquiti RD‑5G30:

ALGcom PS-5800-29-06-DP

ALGcom PS-5800-29-06-DP

Leading SA Antenna Choice

Leading SA Antenna Choice

The antennas are compatible with these leading brands: Cambium Networks, MikroTik, Mimosa and Ubiquiti Networks.

Switchcom Distribution are proud to offer a demo unit of these antennas for you to test before you buy! You can request a demo here

If you are interested in purchasing ALGcom antennas in South Africa contact us now for a quote!

Additionally you can check out our store here and live chat with us here.

MikroTik New Arrival - The Wireless Wire 60GHz LHG PtP Dish

MikroTik RBLHGG-6ADkit Banner.png

The MikroTik Wireless Wire Dish is a ground breaking solution which offers fibre speed and quality on distances up to 1500m!

This amazing kit from MikroTik makes a secure AES encrypted 60 GHz wireless link that is not affected by the crowded Wi-Fi spectrum, offering a stable and fast link for distances of 1500m or more. Simply point the two LHGG-60ad devices at one another and power them on, they are already preconfigured to connect automatically and will make a 2 Gb/s aggregate link.

If you are interested in purchasing the MikroTik Wire Wireless Dish or any other MikroTik products in South Africa contact us now for a quote!
Switchcom Distribution proudly stock the following MikroTik product ranges Ethernet Routers, Switches, Wireless Systems, RouterBOARD, Antennas, MikroTik Accessories and more!
Additionally, you can check out our store here for any of your Wireless, Networking, VoIP, Surveillance and Fibre needs.