ALGcom Ultra High Performance Antennas - Brand New & First in South Africa

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Switchcom Distribution has taken on an exciting new addition to our product line up with the inclusion of ALGcom high performance antennas!

ALGcom designs, manufactures and is dedicated to the innovation, research and development of high performance antennas that eliminate interference.

ALGcom’s range of antennas will be a first in South Africa offering low interference, higher vertical and horizontal coverage, stable connection with max throughput over short & long distances and all ALGcom antennas are made with 100% aluminium.

Comparison between the ALGcom PS-5800-29-06-DP and the Ubiquiti RD‑5G30:

ALGcom PS-5800-29-06-DP

ALGcom PS-5800-29-06-DP

Leading SA Antenna Choice

Leading SA Antenna Choice

The antennas are compatible with these leading brands: Cambium Networks, MikroTik, Mimosa and Ubiquiti Networks.

Switchcom Distribution are proud to offer a demo unit of these antennas for you to test before you buy! You can request a demo here

If you are interested in purchasing ALGcom antennas in South Africa contact us now for a quote!

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