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If you’re a business owner using IP telephony, you’ve probably spent time customizing your solution  - whether it’s defining requirements or selecting your network and service provider. Oftentimes the final step is to choose your IP phone, a task that may come last but is certainly not least. Not all IP phones are the same, and selecting the right phone for specific roles in your business is key to getting the most out of your IP telephony solution.

Snom have identified 6 different types of business roles and outlined corresponding suggestions for IP phone functionality. Subtle differences between the Snom IP phones are both functional and design-related; each model comes with unique configuration possibilities that are optimal for specific work roles and environments. Keep in mind, however, that these are just suggestions; Snom IP phones are also versatile and well suited for many different scenarios!

The Sales Team

Sales IP phones are most likely to be integrated into your sales solution to achieve full benefits of unified communications. These phones should have large screen displays for viewing data clearly and a Gigabit Ethernet connection to support high data loads from these integrated apps. The sales team relies heavily on phones and call transfers, so their models should support connectivity of handsfree headsets and call transfer between team members in addition to features such as call waiting, voicemail, and caller importance recognition.

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The On-the-Go Employee

Highly mobile employees need a phone that can keep up -  and that can only mean one thing: wireless. A wireless IP phone is an IP phone with a built-in DECT transceiver unit that connects to an access point or base station. This type of phone allows mobile workers to move freely around your office while on a call.

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The Infrequent Phone User

Those who seldom use phones in daily work can still benefit from access to a USB IP phone. A soft phone installed onto the desktop or laptop computer allows users to complete phone calls. These IP phones plug directly to the computer using the USB port, and they work with soft phone applications such as Skype. Soft phones are great for road warriors and mobile professionals. They are simple, inexpensive and easy to use.

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The Conference Caller

IP conference phones are typically used in offices and conference rooms where multi-party phone calls take place, and are designed to provide good audio quality over a large area. They are also built to handle input from a distance and from multiple directions. The architecture of a conference phone is unique and should be selected based on room size and caller needs.

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The Receptionist or Office Manager

Receptionists and office managers are tasked with monitoring large numbers of incoming calls and managing them efficiently. They require phones that provide easy access to the company directory, and in many cases expansion modules to increase the available function keys. These roles also benefit from keys programmed for functions such as line, speed dial, busy lamp field and presence indication, as well as a high-resolution display to provide a visual interface that can be easily configured and labelled directly on the phone itself.

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The Management Team

The business executive or management team benefit from top-of-the-line, aesthetically pleasing phones that are both functional and sleek. High-resolution displays and access to online and staff monitoring tools are both valuable to the executive and should be considered priority when selecting the optimal phone for the leaders within your organization.

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